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In the Akagera National Park

Lobelia lead guide and a guest watching some crocodiles from a distance. Photo credits: Lobelia Tours

Experience the wonders of East Africa

Lobelia Tours & Travel Agency helps you and your family experience the wonders of East Africa.

 Why choose Us?

We are an experienced team that has helped thousands of travelers have life-changing experiences in our beautiful country of Rwanda.


Local Staff

In-depth knowledge of culture, attractions and terrain of each destination enabling us to advise on all aspects of your holiday to maximize your enjoyment.

10+ Years Experience

Highly experienced in terms of destination knowledge, customer service and in the ability to advise fully on all aspects of your holiday.

Full service Staff

Complete full service from initial enquiry, through to advising on every aspect of your holiday until the moment you arrive.

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Our Practice

In our premium tour activities- We do always look for ways to add value and provide tourism best practices regarding tour activities in our areas of operations. Sustainable tourism is our language.

Here a couple of guests heading to Napoleon Island, Lake Kivu on a boat near Kibuye, Rwanda.

Photo Credit: Lobelia Tours


We take the stress out of you- and do all the work -your only job is all about experiencing the wonders of East Africa!

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Memorable Travel Experience

Much of our success result from our close cooperation with the locals- They are our key partners. Such healthy relationships help us to offer our guests quality service- good for the soul, good for health, and good for the planet- We are here to provide the perfect travel experience!

Here a group of locals heading to Rubavu local markets to sell their crop production. Photo credit: Internet